Recording our first EP!

So, on a typical Cornish, November morning (freezing cold with sideways rain) we entered the Cube Recording Studio for our first studio experience together. Full of excitement and nerves, keen to get some songs down for our first EP. The most important job was dealt with first. Tea all round. Then we were directed into our individual, soundproof booths and the fun began.

With all of our thoughts on getting it right, knowing that every note and chord would be scrutinized we were extremely focussed on making no mistakes. Okay, not many mistakes. Okay, so various takes later, after you begin to wonder if your brain is even connected to your fingers anymore, we were done. Basic tracks laid down.

The tweaking and finesse followed, as did more tea. Vocals, percussion, replays and even more tea.

A long and intense day but incredible fun and hugely satisfying, making sure the songs we have learned and performed together and cherish so dearly are captured with all of the passion and love with which they were written.
We love them. We hope you agree. You can hear them soon.

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